Map: Suburban District

Suburban Neighborhood map for Minecraft PE is a whole residential neighborhood where you can settle down with your friends and start a role-playing game. The map is great for RP server.

The Suburban Neighborhood map includes more than 45 residential houses, most of which are already designed interior, but you can still download furniture mods and diversify the rooms.

Suburban Area map for Minecraft PE

In addition to the houses, you will find everything you need to play your role – restaurants, school, police station, hospital and much more. And if you are missing something, you can always build it yourself!

For example, you can create an airport, download mods for planes and cars and turn your suburban area into the full-fledged city.

Updated at 28.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Cities
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Suburban Neighborhood V1.mcworld 474.30KB
Suburban Neighborhood 480.82KB

Suburban Neighborhood Map Direct Download Links

Suburban Neighborhood V1.mcworld Suburban Neighborhood

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