Map: Endless Zombie Battle

Collect weapons, earn points, and fight zombie hordes in the Z-Clash The Endless Zombie Battle map!

The Endless Zombie Battle map is a mini-game set on an island high in the sky, where zombies will attack you from all sides. To fight them more successfully, various weapons and armor will periodically fall from the sky. For each destroyed monster bonus points will be awarded, which can be spent on various improvements to the shop on the island.

Infinity Battle Zombie Map for Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE minigame zombie extermination map is designed for both single player and multiplayer game with friends.

Infinity Battle Zombie Map for Minecraft PE

On the map Z-Clash The Endless Zombie Battle provides an opportunity to pause by pressing a special button, but in this case, the accumulated bonus points may be lost.

If zombies kill the player, he will automatically resurrect immediately after the end of the game time allotted for the round.

Updated at 28.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Maps, Mini-Games
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Z-CLASH minigame.mcworld 2.84MB

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Z-CLASH minigame.mcworld

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