Map: 2 Racing Tracks

These 2 racing tracks are designed for cooperative multiplayer races with your friends on the cards from the Mario Kart mod we already told you about.

The map is a lobby with a choice of one of the two tracks and is designed for up to 4 people playing simultaneously.

Locations available for selection:

  1. Poison Waste Factory
  2. Ruined Mine

The first location is an abandoned factory for processing toxic chemicals, where the race will take place around a huge pit with radioactive liquid. To win you will need to complete five laps and reach the finish line first.

The second location you’ll find yourself on a semi-destroyed road, skirting a huge rock. The winner will also be determined after completing all 5 laps.

Bonuses on the cards for Mario Kart mod

On each of the race tracks, you will find different power-ups and perks that can increase your car’s speed or hinder your rivals. At the moment there are 8 different perks available, valid for 10 seconds after they are applied.

Do not forget that for the correct game it is necessary to install and activate Mario Kart mod in advance!

Updated at 29.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Maps, Mini-Games
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
SMK.mcpack 892.83KB
SMK.mcworld 334.04KB

Mario Kart Raceway Map Direct Download Links

SMK.mcpack SMK.mcworld

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