Map: Choose Your Fear

Everyone has fears, but can you go out of your way to choose your fear and conquer it? Choose Your Terror Map for Minecraft PE will allow you to do so! The big question is, will you be able to survive?

The Choose Your Fear Map for Minecraft PE is a full-fledged survival and escape room mini-game

The player is offered a choice of 3 locations where the game action will take place, as well as the choice of one of three enemies that will pursue you throughout the challenge. Your task is to survive and get out of the room.

How to start a game?

Before the start of the game you need to choose a monster, it can be:

Ronald McDonald

Map Choose Your Fear for Minecraft PE


Map Choose Your Fear for Minecraft PE

Killer Clown

Map Choose Your Fear for Minecraft PE

Once you have decided on a choice, you will be asked the next question – how many enemies from 1 to 3 you want on the map. As you understand, the number of monsters will determine the difficulty of the game.

The last question is choosing the location of the game. Available in 3 locations:

The hotel

Map Choose Your Fear for Minecraft PE

McDonald’s restaurant

Map Choose Your Fear for Minecraft PE

The forest

Map Choose Your Fear for Minecraft PE

Immediately after the answer to the last question, the game will automatically start. Now you need to survive and find your way out of the room. But everything is not so easy!

How to get out of the room?

Don’t think that having found the secret door you will immediately open it and escape. Before you can open the lock, you need to collect 15 pumpkins, that will be scattered in random places on the map. Only after collecting them, you will be able to open the door! If you can, of course…

Map Choose Your Fear for Minecraft PE
Updated at 28.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.100
Genre Prison Escape
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Choose Your Terror.mcworld 4.23MB

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Choose Your Terror.mcworld

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