Map for texture pack test

The map is designed specifically for fans of changing textures in Minecraft PE and is a test polygon with all the blocks and items from the game.

Texture Test Map for Minecraft PE

If you often change texture packs and don’t want to spend time searching for changes, even using creative mode, just add this map to your collection.

Once you get into the specially created room, you will be able to see all the items available in the game. A separate room with all the game blocks is also provided.

To see what changes after the installation of new textures will get mobs, you can visit the enclosure, where each of the mobs is in its own room.

The authors of the map even created full-fledged mini-biomes, allowing you to quickly assess the changes in the appearance of the game.

In addition, you can change the time of day and night at the touch of a button.

Updated at 29.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Buildings
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
TestTextures.mcworld 602.53KB

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