Map: Classic Skyblock

Skyblock Classic is a survival on a small island in the air with limited resources.

The legendary Skyblock map first appeared in Minecraft in 2011 and became hugely popular. Since then, a large number of different variants of survival on hovering islands have been created. Today we want to share the original version of the Skyblock map for Minecraft PE, with which an entire era of survival began!

Just like 12 years ago, you start the game with a chest containing only 2 resources – a block of ice and a bucket of lava. Experienced players have already figured out what to do, but we’ll still give you a hint – the boulder generator.

Now try to complete all the tasks:

  • Create a boulder generator
  • Build a house
  • Expand the island
  • Create a watermelon farm
  • Create a pumpkin farm
  • Make a cane field
  • Sow a field of wheat
  • Craft a Bed
  • Craft 64 Rocks
  • Craft 64 Torches
  • Create an endless source of water
  • Craft an oven
  • Decorate the area with a lake
  • Build a Mob Trap
  • Create 20 green dyes
  • Craft 30 Pumpkin candlesticks
  • Bake 64 loaves
  • Collect 10 Ender’s pearls
  • Cook 64 Fish
  • Craft 20 Paintings
  • Create a bow and 64 arrows
  • Collect 64 bone meal
Updated at 29.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre SkyBlock
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Classic Skyblock.mcworld 199.65KB

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Classic Skyblock.mcworld

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