Map: Elytra Race

Have a race with your friends, but not on the ground, but soaring in the air on the incredibly beautiful map Elytra Race for Minecraft PE.

Elytra Race map for Minecraft PE

Soar in the air, flying through mountain gorges and caves, rivers and hills and try to land at the finish line first! You can play the map on your own, honing your flying skills, or with your friends.

Elytra Race map for Minecraft PE

Elitra Race map was ported from the console version and fully adapted to play on a smartphone.

What is Elitra?

Elitra is a rare item that can only be obtained from the edge’s airships. Thanks to Elitra, your character will be able to soar through the air!

Updated at 29.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Elytra
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Temple Glide Map.mcworld 1.32MB

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Temple Glide Map.mcworld

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