Shaders: ESBE 2G

ESBE 2G Shaders that were developed specifically for the Bedrock version of Minecraft, which means they will work perfectly on all Android and iOS smartphones.

These shaders do not require a top-of-the-line mobile device. An iPhone 5s or a similarly specced Android smartphone will suffice. And if you own a modern smartphone, you will be able to get beautiful graphics in Minecraft without losing FPS.

Features Shader ESBE 2G

  • Leaves and plants ripple in the wind;
  • Reflections in water and under water;
  • Shimmering stars and aurora borealis;
  • Beautiful clouds;
  • Lighting will change depending on the direction of the camera.


Updated at 28.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.101
Genre Shaders
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
ESBE_2G_5.0.mcpack 39.96KB

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