Shaders: 8-bit

We’re used to shaders in Minecraft PE adding dynamic lighting, reflections in water, and improving the game’s graphics in every way. 8-bit Shader performs a different function – it makes the game graphics look like an 8-bit game!

If you’ve played games on arcade machines or TV consoles, you should remember those old-school graphics. With 8-bit shaders you can turn Minecraft Pocket Edition into one of those games, and believe me, it looks really cool!

Besides, 8-bit shaders not only add retro style, but also support any texture packs, which opens new space for experiments!

Screenshots of 8-bit shaders

Updated at 28.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Shaders, Texture Packs
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Shader-8-Bit.mcpack 76.13KB

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