Texture Pack: City Life

If you like to play Minecraft PE with your friends on maps with modern cities, where each participant plays a certain role, we advise you to pay attention to City Life textures.

This texture pack for MCPE replaces various objects and armor with their modern counterparts that can be found in any city. This texture pack will appeal to all fans of modern cities and car mods, because now your game will be like a real life in a metropolis.

New Clothes

City Life texture pack changes the appearance of armor for different costumes of city dwellers. Below you can see a table containing all the changes.

New clothes from the City Life texture pack on Minecraft PE
Leather armorSweatshirt and jeans
Calfskin armorStreetwear
Metal armorBusiness suit
Gold ArmourFootball Outfit
Diamond ArmourPolice Uniform
Nerite ArmorSWAT Uniform

With these changes, you can play different roles on the server, quickly changing into casual and work clothes.


Agree with you, it’s strange to walk around the city in a police uniform with a sword. It makes more sense to walk around with a police baton. City Life’s modern textures also provide for such features.

New City Life texture pack weapons for Minecraft PE
Wooden swordBaseball bat
Metal swordKnife
SwordBilly club
Wooden AxeGuitar
ShieldPolice Shield


City Life textures in Minecraft PE also replace doors and trapdoors with more modern options.

New blocks from the City Life texture pack on Minecraft PE

Various items

What else does city life require? Of course modern appliances, food, and money. This texture set will also add the following items to the game.

New City Life texture pack items for Minecraft PE
FlaskGlass beaker
Milk BucketGlass with milk
Flask with waterGlass with water
Heart of the seaSmartphone
Piece of goldCoin
Watermelon sliceIce Cream
Updated at 28.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre 16x16, Texture Packs
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
City-Life.mcpack 138.91KB

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