Texture Pack: Autumn Set

The Autumn Pack adds true fall to Minecraft Pocket Edition with golden-orange colors to the game world!

Just imagine that now you can walk through the autumn forest or even build your own house next to it. And all the nature around you will remind you of the past summer.

This autumn texture pack affects not only the leaves on the trees, but also other plants such as grass, flowers and various crops. The textures in the Autumn Pack look especially beautiful during sunset.

Fall texture pack update

In the new version of Autumn texture pack in Minecraft Pocket Edition, the developers added new textures and also added a separate texture pack with built-in shaders. You can check out all the changes in the new version below.


Plants from Autumn Texturepack on Minecraft PE

Doors, fences and wooden blocks

doors and fences from Autumn texture pack on Minecraft PE

Trees and foliage

Trees and foliage from Autumn Texturepack on Minecraft PE

Workbenches and tools

Workbenches and tools from the Minecraft PE Autumn Texturepack

Mushrooms and water

Mushrooms and Water from Autumn Texturepack on Minecraft PE


Autumn texture pack Mobs in Minecraft PE

The windows

Autumn texture pack windows on Minecraft PE


Autumn texture pack items in Minecraft PE


Armor from Autumn Texturepack on Minecraft PE

General view of fall texture pack

Updated at 29.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.100
Genre 16x16, Texture Packs
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Autumn Pack [Not Shader] 4.30MB
Autumn Pack 4.32MB

Autumn Set Texture Pack Direct Download Links

Autumn Pack [Not Shader] Autumn Pack

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